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Tagungsanfrage Short

Tagungsanfrage Short

Meetings at CPH

All common media and equipment are available for your conference, such as (overhead) projector, pin board and internet access.

Meeting rooms

InfoS 0167252525nein
InfoS 02150363240nein
InfoGroßer Saal302neinnein110bis 280
InfoS 11180403268bis 170
InfoS 13120322644bis 110
InfoS 149532283465
InfoS 159130243465
InfoS 165320181628
InfoS 20136neinneinnein
InfoS 215116141432
InfoS 222410neinneinnein
InfoS 23481614neinnein
InfoS 244016141626
InfoS 253610101014

meeting rooms for youth events

InfoS 316535Andere Bestuhlung auf Anfrage möglich
InfoS 333510Andere Bestuhlung auf Anfrage möglich
InfoS 342710Andere Bestuhlung auf Anfrage möglich
InfoS 3510Andere Bestuhlung auf Anfrage möglich

other rooms

InfoWeinstubeFeste Bestuhlung für 45 Personen
InfoSpeisesaalFeste Bestuhlung für 103 Personen
InfoFoyerKeine Bestuhlung möglich / Stehtische auf Anfrage
InfoKapellefeste Bestuhlung
InfoMeditationsraumkeine Bestuhlung möglich

Protection of environment and society

The CPH is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and the society. As a part of our renovation a solar system and a fresh water station were installed, thus it is possible to heat the water which is needed only. The total electricity consumption is covered by renewably generated electricity. Through the installation of an EIB-BUS-system our house uses "intelligent" technology: By opening the window the heating is automatically switched off.

Central downtown location

The CPH is located at the edge of Nuremberg’s city centre and is therefore a perfect gate to the beautiful landmarks of the old town.

In addition our house is situated near the train station and can thus be easily reached by public transport. This might be useful if you are planning trips from Nuremberg to destinations in the surroundings as well.

On foot you can reach the “Staatstheater Nürnberg”, the “Verkehrsmuseum”, the “Germanische Nationalmuseum” as well as the “Neue Museum für Kunst und Desgin”, further the impressing sacred buildings “St. Lorenz” and “St. Sebald”, the “Frauenkirche”, the “Stadtmuseum”, the “Spielzeugmuseum”, the “Albrecht-Dürer-Haus” and the impressing “Kaiserburg” at the north end of the old town.

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Anreise und Kontakt

CPH-Service GmbH

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90402 Nürnberg

Tel: +49 (0)911/2346-0 
Fax: +49 (0)911 2346-162


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