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Tagungsanfrage Short

Tagungsanfrage Short


The Pirckheimer-chapel can not only be used for services and spiritual or meditative events. Even single people are invited to take a rest and reflect.

As a “great challenge” architect Christian Brückner described his work for the Pirckheimer-chapel which was dedicated in September 2009. But he succeeded: in just seven weeks a windowless room in scraggy concrete-charm of the 70s was changed into an extraordinary sacred space “beyond classic impression”: An O-shape consisting of massive oak-rods creates kind of a “room in room”, which opens up to a dome.

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The architecture office Brückner & Brückner won the award "Deutscher Holzpreis 2011" in the category "Bauen im Bestand" for creating the chapel.

Certificate as pdf-download (only available in German)


With its special creation the chapel expresses two central aspects of the Christian understanding of God:

On the one hand black walls and small lights all over the celling remind you of the range and impenetrability of a star-spangled sky at night. This has always been a symbol for God’s transcendence and holiness: God is the “completely different”. He is bigger than humans are used to think.

On the other hand the wooden walls made of lively wood with its brown warming color give you a feeling of community and security. Reminding of a tent, the construction represents God’s love and care. The humans are covered by this love. Nothing is able to separate them. God infinitely rises above the humans – God is infinitely close to us: This unit of two opposites full of tension is demonstrated in the CPH chapel.

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