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Mission for reconciliation and peace in Africa

What does CECUP stand for?

CECUP (Centre of Education and Culture Peace) is a non-profit association and was found in December 2013 in Nuremberg. The purpose of this association is the encouragement of initiative and projects regarding educative and peace work, mainly in Africa, and to contribute the build-up of a culture of peace based on justice and human rights.

Engagement and purpose

To fulfil these purposes CECUP gets involved in the field of the development aid, the education of children, youngsters and adults, the family support, the intercultural and interreligious dialog plus the peace and reconciliation.

Press report of the Hilpoltsteiner Zeitung from the 25 Marth 2015 (PDF)

Donation account:

Liga Bank Regensburg
Heading "Ruanda"
IBAN: DE27 7509 0300 0005 1006 74

CECUP-Flyer und Mitgliedantrag als PDF-Dowonload

CECUP-flyer and membership as PDF-Download (in English)

Scheduled activities and projects

  • Build-up of the CECUP-centre in Butare (end of 2014 until summer 2015).
  • Educational project for homeless kids and youngsters in the age between 15 and 20 (2015 till 2017).
  • In a program laid out for a time span of 18 month 30 homeless kids and youngsters should get a technical carpenter education as well as basic knowledge in marketing, sales, design etc. to enable a build-up of an self-contained existence to them.
  • Infomercials and Advocacy-work in the field of education, reconciliation work and culture of peace in Africa.
  • Educational project for minor and single mothers: within the scope of a six-monthly program ca. 100 minor mothers out of the region around Butare get a technical education in each case. By this they can build-up a professional existence to enable supply and schooling to their children. CECUP itself supports the acquisition of appropriate devices (e.g. sewing machines), the hiring of trainees and the supply of the mothers and the children.